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Ferenczi Kata - Vezető asszisztens, dentálhigiénikus, fogászati asszisztens

Kata Ferenczi

Executive assistant, dental hygienist
Ferenczi Kata - Vezető asszisztens, dentálhigiénikus, fogászati asszisztens

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Dental hygienist
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    Fogkőeltávolítás Győr belvárosában

    Important! You should only read this in case you’d like to have healthy teeth as long as possible.

    Now, we should talk a little about tartar removing and the hygiene of the mouth. Maybe we don’t have to convince anyone about the importance of washing the teeth but only few people are aware of the fact that even regular and thorough toothbrushing is not able to clean the teeth in itself.  The remaining plaque piles up and transforms into solid tartar.Removal of tartar is essential as tartar can cause gum inflammation and other gum disease. Gum disease is the infammatory illness of the gum, as a result of it teeth can become loose  and can be removed without any hardship later.  It can also cause other health issues, for example it can increase the risk of lung and heart disease and disease of the vascular system. It can cause arthritis and in case of pregnancy it can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

    So tartar should be taken seriously. If you wish to make a step towards healthy life, please contact us in the centre of Győr.

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      Frequently asked questions
      How often should tartar be removed?
      Fogászati áraink

      How soon tartar develops depends on a lot of things, it depends on eating habits, general health condition,  and how often you clean your teeth and how efficient cleaning is. In general we advice tartar removal in every 6 month but there are cases when we advice it more often.

      Is it a painful procedure?
      Fogászati áraink

      It isn’t painful buti t is a fact that inflammed gum can be more sensitive and also the sensitivity of people is different. That’s why we use anesthetic gel on the gum. In more serious cases we can also use anesthetic injection.

      I would not like to get a tartar removing treatment because my teeth will start to move?
      Fogászati áraink

      Gum disease attacks the frame of the teeth which can lead to loose teeth and teeth will become ’movable’, it isn’t because of tartar removal. The great amount of tartar is really able to keep the teeth in their place, but it’s only a false idea.  Tartar is the main reason of moving teeth and not the solution. Without tartar removal teeth become loose even if tartar keeps them in their place at the moment. So tartar removal is the solution.

      What happens if I don’t get the tartar removed?
      Fogászati áraink

      Tartar is the perfect place for pathogenes to multiply which can lead to inflammation. First it is only the inflammation of the gum, a little bleeding of the gum when washing the teeth. Without removing tartar,  inflammation will spread and can reach deeper tissues which can cause gum disease. As we already mentioned this disease can cause further health problems and shortens the lifespam of teeth. To heal gum disease your dentist will clean the gum and medicine is also needed.

      Fogkőeltávolítás Győr belvárosában



      In the first place we use an anesthetic gel on your gum. It is a tasty gel (friut flavoured gel containing lidocain) which helps you  not to  feel anything during the treatment. In case your gum is extra sensitive please let us know and we will use injection before the treatment.


      Our colleague uses an ultrasound equipment with a pulsing head. The fine pulses crumble and remove tartar from your teeth’s surface.


      It can happen that the ultrasound equipment can’t remove tartar from the gaps between teeth. In this case we continue the treatment with ’hand tools’ to remove all the tartar even from those places that are hard to reach


      On smooth surface less plaque can remain or adhere so with polishing the surface of the teeth we can slow down the process. For polishing we use a tool that blows the mixture of pulverized water and special powder at high pressure on the teeth.. After the treatment teeth become smooth and shiny.


      After the treatment our colleague will give you  useful advice on how to take care of your mouth and teeth. By taking these advice you can slow down piling up tartar and prevent gum inflammation and gum disease.

      We also help you choose the proper products and show you how to take care of your teeth properly.

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