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Dentistric diagnosis
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    Our aim is to provide such professional, high-quality treatments that entirely meet our patients’ needs and requirements.

    If you come to our practice for the first time you will be asked about your problems and requirements and you will be examined. During the consultation we  will be  planning the goals we would like to achieve together.  No, this is not a misunderstanding. You are also involved in the procedure, you can  greatly support our work if you take our advice. We believe that smooth communication between doctor and patient is essential. Put on your questions without any fear, this is the way we can help you.

    Frequently asked questions
    I don’t want a consultation. Can I simply get a treatment?
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    In general, if there is no serious problem, we prefer to have a short talk and plan the treatment. In lack of examination we don’t necessarily know what treatment you need and how long it would take. For this reason we prefer to have a consultation first.

    Am I exposed to radiation if I get a panoramic X-ray?
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    As all equipment that is able to prepare x-ray images,  releases radiation.  But the amount of the radiation is very low, just alike in the case of other digital appliances. You may have more disadvantages from not having an x-ray image, as it is essential  for us to be able to diagnose. So you should’t worry.

    I already have an X-ray image. Do I need a new/another one?
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    You can take your prevoius x-ray image with you, it can be useful. If it is good quality and  not older than 3 months, we might use it and you don’t need another one. But there are cases when it is important to have a new image so that we can see the actual condition of the teeth.

    How does the first meeting go?


    After arrival you have to go through a formal procedure but it is not the ’usual, boring’ one. You will be asked about your present and past illnesses, about medicines you may take, allergies you may have and bad habits. Any information can be helpful when preparing the treatment plan.

    After finding out the problem and your needs we will talk a little. You can tell why you visited our practice and can also tell your special needs.


    Then you will be led to another room where a panoramic x-ray will be done. This image will make all your teeth and mouth visible so there will be no hidden parts of your mouth.


    You will have to sit into the dentist’s chair where your dentist will  start to examine your teeth and gum and all the problems will be listed.


    Based on the examination and the x-ray image, your dentist will prepare a treatment plan and inform you about the possible treatments and other alternatives. You will also receive the plan in a written form.

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