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Dental restorative treatments
Fogászat Győr belvárosában
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    Fogászat Győr belvárosában

    Aranyalma-Dent int he centre of Győr provides a wide range of dental treatments for those who visit us. Our restorative treatments focus on preventing dental problems, early diagnosis and effective therapies.

    Restorative treatments are supported or supplemented by other dental treatments like orthodontics, dental surgery or prosthodontics.

    We provide high-quality, professional treatments by using modern, advanced materials and techniques.

    Frequently asked questions
    When can I eat or drink after tooth filling?
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    As aesthetic composite fillings get solid by using a special blue light, no need to wait after the treatment. If you didn’t get anesthetic injection you can immediately eat or drink after the treatment. If you got anesthetic, you’d better wait until its effect disappears because you can bite your tongue or the inner part of your mouth or lips while they are numb.

    Why should I get my child’s baby teeth treated? They will fall out soon anyway.
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    It depends on the age of the child. If decay starts at a very early age, the tooth can  endanger the remaining tooth’s health which is still developing under it and it can also be painful. With a regular visit to the dentist we can discover problems in time and can avoid a lot of inconvenience to the child.

    How long will a root-treated tooth ’function’?
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    We cannot provide accurate datas about it as it depends on a lot of things which are often out of our control, for example the lifestyle and habits of our patients. We often see cases when root-treated teeth function well even 10 years after the treatment while there are cases when the inflammation around the root returns time by time so we have to start thinking about some other solutions, of course together with the patient.

    I accidentally bit on a hard piece of bread and a piece of my tooth broke down. It doesn’t hurt at all. Should I visit a doctor?
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    If only a small piece broke down it doesn’t hurt as nerves are further from the damage. It doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be treated. With the break you lose a small part of the enamel which is the most resistant outer part of your teeth. This way the surface of the broken tooth is more exposed to different effects so that it can decay easier than healthy teeth.  In addition after the break a sharp surface can be left which can injure the tongue. Here in our practice we can help these problems.

    Fogászat Győr belvárosában




    Composite resin fillings that become solid by light replace the structure of the tooth lost due to decay  and give a natural look.  As they bond very quickly patients can use them right after the treatment.


    Composite fillings are used as a filling material in case of decayed teeth but they can also be used to repair chipped, broken or worn teeth.We can treat these kind of problems immediately.


    Baby teeth are not so resistant as temporary teeth and children of course are not expected to be able to clean their teeth with great care. We can prevent baby teeth from decay with using sealants.  It means that we close the unreachable parts of the teeth with a special filling material.  But we can help children in other ways, too. We do this with love, care and patience.

    Fogászat Győr belvárosában


    With root treatment we can treat the illnesses of the inner part of the tooth or the tissues surrounding the root. When the toothache becomes unbearable and unsoothable it is usually caused by the inflammation of these tissues. It is important to know that we can save most of the teeth at this stage. During the treatment  we remove the inflammed tissue and treat inflammation with medicine. After recovery we build up the root-treated tooth so that it can get back its original function.

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