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    Dr. Révész Alíz

    Dr Révész Aliz

    I qualified  at the  Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry in Budapest in 1996 and after a 2-year practise I became a specialist of tooth and oral diseases. Since then  I’ve worked at private practices and I’m  deeply commited towards my job and my patients.

    In the first years I used to work at a dental practice in Győrújbarát and after  specialising  I privatised it . Then during the following 12 and then another 6 years I used to work at different private practices.

    I’ve been pursuing a ’mixed’ practise, , using a wide range of dental treatments.

    I opened my own dental practice Aranyalma Dent 3 years ago and since I’ve constantly been treating both adults and children.

    The growing number of patients and professional challenges made it necessary to find  highly-qualified professionals to work with so I had the chance and time to specialize in orthodontics.

    Beside being a dentist I also treat wit complementary medicine. I gained my degree in Homeopathy in 2008, so I can apply homeopathic and biological treatments with those patients who are open to be cured by alternative medicine..

    My mission is to teach people to be more aware of their own body and make them able to take back control over their body and life with responsibility.

    Dr. Nyilas Nóra

    Dr Nyilas Nóra

    Mottóm: „My motto is: Everybody deserves a kind word and a brilliant smile”

    I qualified at University of Debrecen, Faculty of Dentistry in 2012 and in 2013 I started my private practice in Körmend, where I have been treating both adults and children since then.

    During my carreer I also worked  at different private practces close to the Austrian border so I treated patients from abroad, too.

    As a resident, I used to work at the Oro-Maxillofacial Department in the Hospital in Zala County and the experience I gained there  was really useful.

    Due to my good communication skills I can quickly establish a relaxed, friendly relationship  with my patients which I think is essential in order to create a calm atmosphere.

    I also find it important to teach children the importance of dental care at an early age in a playful, leisure way.


    Dr. Paár Claudia

    Dr Paár Claudia

    Dear Patients!

    Let me introduce myself.  I’m Paár Claudia  and  I’m a paradontologist. I completed my studie at Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2019.

    During my university years I was already interested in dental surgery and as a student I used to work at the Department of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology  amd I also wrote my Thesis there.

    During the 4th year at university I spent a 4-week practise at the Clinic of Paradontology. There I realized that paradontology is the field of dentistry I was really fond of  as surgeries are done with the aim of  preserving the teeth.

    Right after getting my degree I gained a resident status at that clinic and I passed my final exam in 2022 with an excellent result.

    I deal with gum diseases on a daily basis. These diseases,  usually accompanied with inflammation,  are very common and usually diagnosed too late as patients do not feel any pain. The only symptom people notice is the bleeding of the gum.

    In case you feel you may have the same problem, do not hesitate to contact me.


    Dr. Sárközy Balázs

    Dr Sárközi Balázs

    I’m Sárközi Balázs. You can turn to me with dental and dental sugical problems. I got my degree at Semmelweis University.  Before I qualified I learned to become a dental technician.

    I used to work at different dental practices- private and state also-  in Budapest, Győr and in other cities. I specialized in restorative dentistry, prostodontics and dentoalveolaris surgery and try to provide a high-professional, painless  treatment for my patients with a good result.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask, I’m eager to give an  answer.

    Dr. Pálóczi Tibor

    Dr. Pálóczi Tibor

    I got my degree at Dentistry Faculty at University of Debrecen in 2007. Beside my job I constantly study and improve my techniques and knowledge. In 2012 I passed the restorative and prostodontics exams at Semmelweis University. In 2014 I completed  the Master of Science of Dental Implantology course at the University of Münster and also int hat year I passed my biology dentristry and complementary medicine exam organized by MOBOT.

    I have been using PRF method since 2016. I’ve been supporting Aranyalma Dent with implantology treatments.

    Dr. Feller-Kiss Ádám

    Fodor Zsuzsanna

    leading assistant Dental higienist, dental assistant

    I am Zsuzsanna Fodor, I am 32 years old. I have been working as a dental assistant since 2014, and since 2017 as a clinical dental hygienist too. I gained great dental work experience in a leading clinic and a small, family-friendly dentistry. My little son was born in 2020. At the end of  2023 I returned to the world of work and joined the Aranyalma team.

    It is a pleasure for me to work in such a community. I hope I will have the opportunity to get to know to our patients and to prove my dedication to my work. I hope that I can further strengthen the trust what the patients put into us with my knowledge and my conscientious work.

    Szekeres Alice

    Szekeres Alice

    Dental hygienist

    I started my studies as a dental assistant in Munich, Germany in 1998. During my  practise as a  student I became interested in tartar removing and giving assistance at dental surgeries. I got  great experience in  oral  hygi.ene and in 2012 I got a certificate of Dental Hygienist.

    Beside working as an assistant of surgeries I also pursue tartar removing with ultrasound, teeth whitening. Furthermore I teach children how to take care of their teeth well

    I support the work at Aranyalma Dent with great enthusiasm on both fields.

    Németh Flóra-Páciens koordinátor

    Németh Flóra


    Csepige Bianka - Páciens koordinátor

    Csepiga Bianka

    Coordinator, Dental Assistant

    Kaszás Eszter - Praxis menedzser

    Kaszás Eszter

    Dental Practice Manager


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