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    At our practice it is a principle that we try to save the tooth as long as it is reasonable and possible.  But sometimes we have to remove a tooth when it is impossible to save it. After extraction fast recovery is prior. During recovery it is worth consulting with your dentist about the possibility  of replacement.

    Replacing lost teeth is not worth postponing for long as the remaining teeth in the mouth try to fill in the gap, they move or lean towards the gap. The gap influences the opposite teeth too as they ’become longer’, they seem to grow longer. In fact the length of them does not change, they only rise from their original lain towards the gap.

    Postponing tooth replacement can result in unexpected difficulties or compromises which shouldn’t have been done if replacement had happened right after extraction.

    Frequently asked questions
    Only one tooth of mine is missing. What kind of replacement should I choose?
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    In case of one missing tooth we can offer several solutions. One of them is the ceramic bridge which is comfortable, aesthetic and can be done in a short time but we have to polish the neighborous healthy teeth, which can be a high price. Fortunately there is another option, tooth implant, which is the best available treatment. Implants are aesthetic, functional and a long lasting solution.

    How long-lasting replacements are?
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    It graetly depends on your dental hygiene, your lifestyle and the type of replacement. According to scientific research tooth replacemets with implants can even  last several decades. Crowns and bridges also last for more than 10 years. Removable dentures are not so long lasting as their material is not so resistant and they require regular maintanance to be able to adapt to the ever changing conditions of the mouth. You may consider the change of them in every 6-8 years but of course if they are in a good condition they can last longer.

    How long does it take to get a replacement?
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    Replacements are not prepared in our practice but dental technicians prepare them. At different stages of the procedure we ask our patients to visit us so that we can try the replacement if it fits perfectly and we also can make the  necessary changes. This way the replacement will perfectly fit. In case of ceramic crowns and bridges, they can be prepared within 5-8 workdays, while removable dentures are made within 7-12 days. In case of implants we can calculate with the same length of time. But please notice that not all kinds of implants can be loaded immediately, some need 3-6 month to recover. During that time our patient can wear a temporary replacement.

    Will I be able to eat with it just like earlier?
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    With fixed replacements, with crowns and bridges, no matter if they are fixed on the patient’s own tooth or an implant, you can eat as before, no need to change your eating habits. It is also true for dentures fixed on implants but in this case you should avoid biting on hard things, like an apple for example, you are adviced to cut it first. If you have a removable replacement you should cut harder food into pieces before eating them.

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    We could also call them traditional fixed replacement as these ceramic crowns and bridges layered on a metal base have been used for quite some time. They are strong, long-lasting and well-functioning. The metal-ceramic crowns and bridges are fixed on polished natural teeth with an extra strong glue. They don’t move from their place so speaking and chewing is also possible with them.

    In our practice you also have the chance to have a  replacement made from metal-free metal-alloy which doesn’t cause any allergies.


    They own all the advantages that metal-ceramic replacements have but above this they have a main benefit: they are  more aesthatic. If you have a closer look at your teeth, especiallx the front teeth,  you will see that they are not massive, non-transparent but light can go through them. To be able to prepare lifelike replacements especially int he ’cosmetic-zone’ circon-ceramic is the perfect choice as it lets light through, giving  a natural look.


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    In case there are no natural teeth in the mouth and also the bone is not suitable for placing implants in  , removable dentures can be a good solution. They are prepared within 1-2 weeks without any surgical procedure. Although, patients may take longer time to get used to them. Patients are able to eat with them easily and wearing such dentures can prevent cheeks falling in, so providing a younger look. It is also possible to prepare removable dentures in case of partial gaps.


    The name implant can cause a misunderstanding because it does not mean one tooth replacement but the method  it is fixed in the mouth.  We can fix crowns, bridges, full removable demtures and other hybrid replacements to it. When tooth replacements are fixed in the mouth with implants, they become stabile without having to polish any of the healthy teeth.


    With the help of coats we don’t replace teeth but we can give a better, more aesthatic look to the teeth. Coats/shells are thin, dentistry plates which we fix to the outer side of the teeth.  With them we can change the color, shape and size of the teeth at our patients greatest satisfaction.

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