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    The luxury of having a   perfect dentition naturally  is a privilige of only a few. We, at our practice, believe that not only Hollywood smile can be beautiful as each face, smile is unique and perfect in its own way. Smiling can cause a serious problem for loads of people as they don’t see their teeth esthetic at all. At our practice we provide a professional help to our patients to  be able to experience the freedom of smiling.

    We provide orthodontic treatment for both children and adults.  Beside the esthatics, we also have to focus on the proper bite,  as we can only achieve a long lasting result if we are able to align bite.

    Frequently asked questions
    How much time does ortodontic treatment take if you are an adult?
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    The length of the treatment greatly depends on the patient,  as practically all dentures are different. In general orthodontic treatment takes 1-3 years in case of adults but sometimes it can take lomger or shorter time.

    What can I eat and drink if I have fixed braces?
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    You have to make some compromises if you have fixed braces. You have to avoid sticky food (jelly candy), small seeds, foods that crumble and  bakery pruducts as they can stick in the braces’ parts. You should also avoid food that contain a lot of sugar. Furthermore you shouldn’t bite with the braces on, you’d better cut the food into small pieces.

    After wearing the braces for a while you will experience  which food sticks  in your braces and gives you a tough time to clean them, so  it is worth preferring  food that is soft, easily chewable or pulpy. If you have braces it is recommended to eat creamy soups, yoghurt, pasta or soft fruit.

    These new eating ’rules’ become natural within a couple of weeks after getting the braces and the brilliant result will surely make up for the inconveniences.

    Is it true, that after finishing orthodontic treatment teeth return into their original position?
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    This statement is partly true. Teeth  quickly start to move back to their original place after removing braces. We don’t allow it. So after removing fixed braces, patients get a so called retainer. It can be a fixed one ( fixed  on the inner surface of the teeth from canines to canines) or a removable one (a precisely fitting invisible tray). Both of them are aesthetic and more comfortable than the fixed braces. This retention period can be long, some patients wear a retainer till the end of life.

    How can I get braces?
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    To get one you need to make an appointment at our orthodontist. During the consultation you can tell what you would like to change and our doctor will inform you about the possible treatments and choose the best option for you. Then we will prepare the treatment plan and  make an x-ray and also take photos of your mouth and teeth. We will also take a mold of your denture to see the original state.

    The treatment plan contains the length of the treatment, the type of the braces and other necessary supplementary treatments and the price of course.

    If you accept the plan then we make the necessary dental treatments if needed, we treat decayed teeth and inflammations and also make a professional hygiene treatment. After that we can start the orthodontic treatment, we fix the braces or give you the first trays.

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    This type of braces are widely known.  Brackets are fixed/glued on the surface of the teeth and a wire fits into the bracket slot to connect them all. Teeth move to the shape of the archwire. We have to ’activate’ it regularly in order to make the teeth move in the correct direction.


    Children don’t have to wear braces all day, but in order to achieve the required result they should wear them 12-14 hours a day.  We mainly use this device when children change their teeth in order to keep jaws in the correct position.


    These invisible trays were  really  revolutionary in orthodontics 10-15 years ago as orthodontic treatments have  never been so comfortable and discreet before. Although braces should be worn all day, they can be removed while eating and cleaning teeth. Planning and the production of these braces is based on digital technology, so the patient can see the plans before making the decision about the treatment.


    Trainers are not braces int he traditional meaning as we do not move teeth with them. We start using them at an early age so we can make the muscles of the lips, tongue and face move.  With strong muscles orthodontic treatments can be prevented later. We view them as preventing treatment, as abnormal muscle function can be prevented by using them.

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